The B's

He has a South African accent and is crazy about rugby. He is night owl, who watches people sleep for a living. He would chose a big juicy steak over all the sugar in the world. He gets active with the "300 workout" and has a degree in exercise science. He loves to watch 'Anchor Man' frequently and says a great read is 'The Way of The Wild Heart'. She says his greatest strength is his confident faith and his ability to talk to anyone.

She loves going to movies by herself or curling up in bed with a romance novel.  She could cook all day and host dinner parties every evening. She is a clean freak who loves to decorate. She can pull off any hair colour and is older than she looks. She has worked with little kids since leaving school and can't wait to have babies of her own. Take her to an AFL match and she is louder than her husband. He says her greatest strengths are her discernment, creativity and supporting her husband. 

The B's met in 2006 when he mistook her for an old uni friend (yeh right), on Myspace. Coincidently he carpooled to college with a good mate of hers, she was relieved that he wasn't a stalker and was able to get the skinny on him. Almost 2 years later they were married. Since then, she has never had so many braai's in her life, and he discovered that clothes come in colours other than shades of brown. Their most memorable experience thus far- spending a month in South Africa. The most valuable lesson learnt - great marriages don't just happen,  they require lots of hard work, daily, but you can have loads of fun loving one another along the way.