The Big Move

In 2012 The B's are making a big move interstate. Goodbye gorgeous sunny Queensland. Hello Adelaide, the city of churches (how poetic). Mr B has decided it's time to grab his dream with both hands and live it. So he will spend the next few years a book loving, assignment composing, hardworking, bum down tail up (as my mum puts it) student here. He was totally made for this! 

I on the other hand, grew up vowing that this is the one place I would never return to. Lesson since learnt -you should NEVER say never (someone upstairs has a sense of humour). However I should have seen it coming considering my Dad studied here, as did both my brothers and both of their father in laws. I have since hand a change of heart (phew) and couldn't be more excited about pursing this dream alongside my husband. 

We are super excited about living here. Just a few doors down from my little brother, his wife and some of our favourite friends. Many fun filled nights ahead. I have been rubbing my little house decorating hands together already, dreaming of having our own place again. Promise I will post all my cute finds.

{beautiful Wellie Square image}

I've set myself the huge goal of getting ready to be able to go for a run around wellington square every morning. No doubt it will be penance for all the gorgeous wine & scrumptious honey logs I will be enjoying. I will however maintain my allegiance to the Brisbane Lions and for all our loved ones, I promise to keep on blogging so we will always be only a mouse click away. 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." - Albert Einstein