I've decided that life is too short to be lived wishing you were someone you're not, hanging our for some grand plot. Thus my passionate pursuit - enjoying life right where I am, celebrating the little things, making great memories and learning to be comfortable in my own shoes (mostly havaianas).

Venturing into my 30's, I am married to an amazing South African man (Mr B), who loves me like I never dreamt possible. Lucky enough to work my days away being a home maker (even if it is in someone else's house, a step up from our first home, in a retirement village - I promise that's true).

There are 320 days, and counting, until our big move interstate so that Mr B can follow his dream. Beloved family and friends it is my intention that this blog helps us continue to share our lives with you, and we will never be further than a mouse click away. If we pick up a few new blogging friends in the meantime, I truly hope that you are encouraged to love yourself exactly as you are, and really enjoy each moment of the life you were made to live.

On any given day, I love to cook and would become a chef (if I thought I could handle the stress), only so I could make incredible meals for family and friends at home. Throwing dinner parties = bliss. I adore beautifully designed interiors and decorating my own home, however the creative side to my personality has been relatively unexplored, till now. Mr B and I work hard at, and enjoy making our marriage "great", he is most definitely, without a doubt, my soul mate! We are crazy about people discovering hope that will change their life, and I can not wait to have gorgeous little babies and become a mumma.

A close second are: camping, playing netball, a good book, being loud at the footy, an elegant high tea, playing rowdy board games with loved ones, twisties and chocolate freckles.