Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Boy's Life 

I remember the day we went for our gender scan and my sneaking suspicions were confirmed..... Our baby was a boy! 

If I am honest, my first thoughts were, "I was right, I'm always right" ha ha, followed by the sudden realization "a boy? what am I going to do with a boy, I've always been more partial to girls, I'm a girl! I don't know the first thing about boys!". 

I'd always wanted a boy first, so that my little girls would have a big brother, someone to protect them from bullies, carry their school bag, give them the last lolly in the packet, cover their eyes for them in the scary parts of movies. Sounds dreamy. I have since learnt from my sister in law that my husband (the oldest) was more of a pest than a prince. He did keep the losers at bay though, by paying a geek with a crush to never let my sister in law out of his site at parties. Pretty annoying when you're trying to hook up with hot guys she retells. 

As Jax's due date drew near, I was more and more conscious of the fact that I didn't know what to do with a little boy. I should have thought more about the fact that I didn't know what to do with a baby, but go figure :D I even lamented a little as I thought about the special bond my husband and son would have because they would both share a love of sweat, mud and football induced tears. I wish I could blame my foolishness on hormones, unfortunately I think that's just me. 

Almost 4 months on and I tell you what, my little boy is SUPER PERFECT and I wouldn't swap or change him for the world. I have learnt very quickly however, to cover his *winky* when we change nappies as that appendage has a life of it's own, and quiet a projectile range. The older he gets the more "boy like" he becomes, for instance my mother taught my son to blow raspberries, which my husband calls "FART NOISES", it seems to be Jax's favourite thing to do, and it's hilarious when Daddy makes fart noises with his mouth. Also the fart noises aren't just from the top end, but maybe that's babies in general and not just boys???????

His favourite book to date is David and Goliath, and he is very interested in the stone throwing part which kills the giant Goliath. I make an effort to explain that throwing rocks at people could be very dangerous, Roelof on the other hand likes to describe in detail with sound effects how the rock would have hit Goliath's skull *splat*. 

I imagine that all you seasoned mothers of boys are smiling, I have a long way to go don't I. I'm looking forward to it though, not the dirty part, I'm an excessive compulsive cleaner... (my youngest brother came to visit last week and ask my husband and I were rushing around dusting and wiping he said "so... how many times a week do you clean?") so that should be challenging. 

He is growing so quickly, it's exciting but sad at the same time, you Mums know what I mean don't you?!?! Though I am looking forward to the day when he can cuddle back, at the moment he just sucks on my shoulder :D and when he does I whisper to him "you are Mumma's boy, aren't you!" quiet enough so that Daddy can't hear!!!

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