Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweet Secret Sister 

I received a little blessing in my letter box yesterday, dropped in by my 'Secret Sister', without my knowing - she's a little sneaky like that. I have no idea who she is, though I would be lying if I said that I haven't tried to sleuth it out! 

Her gorgeous gift came just at the right time. Sick baby + first time Mumma + busy husband  = a tad bit of despair. Add to that the fact that I'm coming off a fantastic 2 weeks of family and friends visiting = jam packed, but so lovely, with no day time naps and lots of late nights. This must be what it feels like to be a thinly spread, cold, hard piece of toast  - blah. 

It did my soul well to receive her gift of thought and care.

There is a group specifically for the wives of students and lecturers at the seminary where my husband studies, it's aptly named 'Sem Wives'. It creates an avenue for much needed support, teaching and social interaction amongst the women who go through and give up much to stand beside their husbands on their journey toward ministry. 

One of the Sem Wives operations is that of the 'Secret Sister'. When the year began we each drew the name of another wife from a hat, it had any details about her that she had decided to provide, birth date, wedding anniversary, children's names etc. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (corny I know, but I couldn't resist) was to pray for, encourage and support this woman in secret throughout the year in whatever creative ways your heart desires. 

Perhaps there is someone you can think of who needs a little encouragement. Someone who would be blessed by knowing that they are being thought of ! You don't need a secret sister for that, why not just go out of your way to secretly bless that woman. I promise it will lift your heart also. 

So to my amazing secret sister.....
I have no idea who you are, (despite my deductions), however I want to let you know that your support of me has come at just the right time, every time. I feel so blessed to have been the name you drew from the many. You have also inspired me to be a better encourager. My wish is, that at the times, when you most need support and to know you are not alone, as you have lavished upon me, you will be lavished upon 100 fold. 

Now here is hoping you're on facebook :D

Monday, October 1, 2012