Friday, September 14, 2012

Bridging The Gap

Moving interstate has been really flippin hard. I won't lie about that. My family first moved interstate when I turned 8, we moved away from our extremely close extended family to begin my Dad's journey into ministry, which coincidentally turned out to be the journey both my younger brothers would take and also my husband and I. You'd think after doing it 6 times I would be used to it, but I'm not. Honestly, I don't like it, because every time we've moved I focus more on what I'm leaving behind and little on the new adventure that awaits.

This last move has been the real clincher though. 2 reasons. 

1. The life my husband and I thought we would cultivate together when we married, in Brisbane with our friends, family, church, building a home, the schools we planned to send our children too, turned out to be different from the plan God has for us. Our journey beyond the next 5 years remains unknown - TRUST REQUIRED!

2. I've lived away from my parents before. When I went to boarding school, when I moved out to go to uni, when  I moved for a job, when I got married. However I was always within a stones throw of my parents, now the leaving and cleaving has become real. I have a family of my own now. And it's impossible to throw a stone from here to where my Mum and Dad live. 

Stepping out and growing up!  = Challenging. 

I digress, this post isn't about the moving but about an attempt to stay connected on a deeper level despite the distance. My sister in law Anna and I have found a way to do that.

 She too lives in Sydney, away from ALL her family. My brother is a Pastor like my Father, and like my husband and youngest brother are studying to be. The difference between us is that she has 3 little girls to keep her busy 3 yrs old and younger, where as I'm only learning to raise one little 3 month old. I have no idea how she does it without family to pop over and give her a break or come and spoil her babies by taking them out for ice cream. I'm learning to watch her very closely for tips!! And praying that God removes that distance!

In her wisdom, when I became a new mum, she suggested that we share a weekly devotional together over the phone. Something to do with being a mother that would encourage us, teach us, and enable us to support one another on our journey despite the distance between us. She found the book "Feminine Appeal" by Carolyn Mahaney (which my husband is please about as he likes her husband C.J Mahaney).  What a blessing. It's such a gem, and is teaching me so much about mothering, wife - ing (not a word I know) in a godly way. And it doesn't make it complicated. It's challenging me to give of myself, to live a life serving those God has placed closet to me. And to have a sister to share it with, to encourage me and pray with about these "hats" that we wear is a joy.

Thank goodness we live in the age of Skype and Mobile phones :D If you live away from your loved ones and close friends, take time to be creative and find ways to keep in touch and share each others journey despite the distance. Coffee Dates over Skype are always fun!


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cher said...

Yes Bec it is a hard journey whilst beings at sEM,many a times we nearly left while we were there but God always got us through.
MOTHERHOOD, well that is the toughest job ever!! but with every sleepless moment, tear shed, first smile, all the good and hair wrenching moments take a step back to look at your child and remember what a blessing it is to have an angel on earth!!...and know that we all have struggles as a mum :)