Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So my Saturday morning looks like this.... Enjoying hubby's homemade breakfast pizzas while we watch 'World Strictest Parents'. It's an exciting life I know, but remember I said I was embracing the blessings in the ordinary now. BTW some of those parents are so not strict, my mother could teach them a thing or two. She put the fear of God into me so I never had the guts to sneak out, drink or get a tattoo. And I don't even know how she did it, that's how good she was!!

Oh and something else super ordinary, but so exciting I want to flip my lid... is the fact that my husband is on the way home, as I type, with our brand new dryer. DO NOT move to South Australia without a dryer, there is my piece of 'Wall HARD, Nose SOFT' learned wisdom I will share with you. No more re washing clothes because of the stinkin Adelaide winter rain. So you see a dryer is truly a win for me = Me +1 Adelaide Winter Weather +257.

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Anna said...

Haha your mum did an excellent job! I agree! X being a parent does force you to slow down. I am buying you the book down to earth, for Christmas (unless you buy it earlier.) it makes you feel good and worthy to take things slowly, focus on one task at a time and make your relationships in life, more valued than the work that surrounds our life. I'm sorry you felt overwhelmed by house work and perfection. I often have moments like that...I don't think that will stop but it's great to refocus and love life for what it is. Love you Bec. You are a great mum. X