Mini Birthday

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My gorgeous little boy is 1 Month Old today! (4 days adjusted for preterm babies)

He already makes us giggle with his 'clown like' expressions and funny 'raptor' noises. 

I totally Love this kid to the moon and back, and then some!

Jax Micah this past month has been your mothers best ever, despite the lack of sleep and the projectile poop on the carpet. You're my angel and I am so glad that you're mine! Love Mumma xx 


Rachel Esther said...

gorgeous pictures Bec. Fun idea!

And so funny that you say he makes raptor noises. Maybe it's our generation of watching Jurassic but we say the same thing about Nora!

Anna said...

Funny man Jax. I love that you say this is the best month ever despite it being busy...sums up motherhood pretty well. Beautiful photos.