The Truth According To ECards

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's funny because it's true!

Squeaky Clean!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sometimes my Daddy bathes me in a bucket (He calls me 'The Emperor')! But I don't care because Mumma tells me that I'm so blessed to have a Dad who adores me so much that there is nothing he would rather do with his time, than look after me!
 Well maybe look after me whilst playing playstation. Men can multitask too. 

Mini Birthday

My gorgeous little boy is 1 Month Old today! (4 days adjusted for preterm babies)

He already makes us giggle with his 'clown like' expressions and funny 'raptor' noises. 

I totally Love this kid to the moon and back, and then some!

Jax Micah this past month has been your mothers best ever, despite the lack of sleep and the projectile poop on the carpet. You're my angel and I am so glad that you're mine! Love Mumma xx 

Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday, July 7, 2012

So my Saturday morning looks like this.... Enjoying hubby's homemade breakfast pizzas while we watch 'World Strictest Parents'. It's an exciting life I know, but remember I said I was embracing the blessings in the ordinary now. BTW some of those parents are so not strict, my mother could teach them a thing or two. She put the fear of God into me so I never had the guts to sneak out, drink or get a tattoo. And I don't even know how she did it, that's how good she was!!

Oh and something else super ordinary, but so exciting I want to flip my lid... is the fact that my husband is on the way home, as I type, with our brand new dryer. DO NOT move to South Australia without a dryer, there is my piece of 'Wall HARD, Nose SOFT' learned wisdom I will share with you. No more re washing clothes because of the stinkin Adelaide winter rain. So you see a dryer is truly a win for me = Me +1 Adelaide Winter Weather +257.

Stop the ride I WANNA GET OFF!

Friday, July 6, 2012

There is peace in my home at the moment, I have two sleeping boys. The little one has been asleep for 2 hours and 50 minutes (says my iphone baby app) and the big one crashed upstairs after doing the graveyard shift with bubba whilst Mumma slept. 

(Ignore the fact that it says I only fed my child 13 hours ago, I often forget to fill things in)

It feels glorious to have managed to make a protein packed breakfast, have a quiet time, and put on ANOTHER load of washing (which never seems to end). While I wait for my little man to wake up for a feed I've been sitting on my (clean) lounge room floor playing praise and worship music (yes I am aware that worship doesn't just pertain to music) to my sleeping son, I have been reflecting. 

A week ago someone (a professional) had a chat to me about my penchant for perfection and being judgmental and critical of myself. She said to me, "You wouldn't expect other people to be perfect, so why don't you have some self compassion?", I was shocked that I could hear a little voice inside my head saying "Yes I would, I am always critical of efforts that are less than perfect"! Ekkkkkkk

There it was, I had a problem with perfection. Expecting myself to be perfect and holding everyone else to the same ridiculously high standards, (in the secret space of my head of course). Running around cleaning my house 50 times a day, washing so many dishes that my hands are starting to dry out, straightening the magazines on the coffee table again and again, and that dust it's everywhere, my duster gets a daily work out. The bloody problem with perfection is that the pursuit of it is exhausting, and frankly I wonder if there is such a thing as perfect?! My husband is constantly saying "There are no 'good' people, there's just bad people and Jesus". 

Now I am seeking peace not only in my home, but in my heart as well. Today I'm starting by finding joy in the ordinary things (my hand largely forced by the fact that now I'm a mum I have no time for much else), things like sitting down for breakfast, having 5 minutes to read the word, being able to play worship music to my sleeping son and to lay hands on him in prayer, that my yeti style eyebrows finally got waxed!!!

I think that if you are insane enough to get on the perfection roller coaster, there is no getting off, because it doesn't stop. A departure requires flinging yourself from the speeding menace, then run. Run and don't look back. 

While everyone else was sleeping...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My little preterm baby is starting to wake up. They told me that preemie babies are usually pretty sleepy until their due date (2 sleeps away). He has also discovered his cute little tongue! Poking it out and rolling it around his mouth. Who would have thought something so trivial could keep an adult amused for hours. My birthday couldn't have come at a better time (yesterday) and my wonderful husband got me the perfect gift to accompany a newborn baby. See Below. 

Ahh Nespresso my new best friend. In the wee hours of the morning as I sip some brew I tell myself, 'it's okay because right at this very moment, there are sleepless mums all over the world nursing their beautiful babies with tired eyes kept open by hearts full of love, awake right along with me'. I AM NOT ALONE! Jax Micah, you are so worth it. xx