Wet Washing

Sunday, June 3, 2012

With 4 weeks to go till our beautiful baby boy arrives I finally got around to washing some of his small things this morning. My sister in law, Loz came around yesterday and helped me sort through bubs wardrobe. We were ready to wash with our sensitive detergent and sensitive softener until I thought ' check to see how clean the filter is on our rental property washing machine'.

 Holy hell! I have never seen something more disgusting in my life time, or smelt for that matter. I'd say it hadn't been cleaned for some years. Thank goodness Loz had the stomach to clean it, "I feel like I'm on that show, 'How Clean is your House?'" She said, while I commented that I had heard somewhere it is unsafe to breathe in mould spores. Loz soaked and scraped and vinegar washed our machine to brand spanking new. 

So this morning while husband slept (because he got up to watch a Rugby game at ridiculous o'clock) I put on our first little load of white gorgeousness..... and 3/4 of the way through realised I hadn't put any of the detergent into the machine. That's pregnancy brain right!!!!


Anna said...

How totally exciting! Did it make it feel really real! I'm so jealous that Lauren is helping you get ready for baby b (but so happy for her and you) I wish I could stand there folding and ironing little baby items and helping you get his room ready. (not so much scrubbing your washing machine though...people can be so gross...kudos to Lauren for ignoring what I would imagine to be a putrid smell...I cleaned mine from 2 weeks ago and it was gross...I can't imagine...) love to you, baby B and Roelof...can't wait to hear the news. I hope I cry :-) xoxo

Lauren said...

:) it's funny reading this now and Jax is here! ...good thing we started that washing last week ;) xx