Expect the unexpected!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

11 days till our due date. They say that most women go past that date with their first baby. At least that's what everyone I know had been saying to me. Imagine my surprise at 36 weeks and 2 days when I rolled off the couch to go pee and..... my waters broke. UNEXPECTED!


Off to hospital to be induced, thank the Lord we had packed our hospital bags early, and I'd put that obsessive sign on our back door with clear instructions for frantic "about to be" parents. 

 I am OCD when it comes to organisation!

Labour with minimal pain relief, just gas if necessary. Definitely no epidural (I was the test patient at our antenatal class and all the junk the midwife put on me for the "mock epidural" weighed a tone), lets just spend lots of time in that nice big bath they have, and perhaps a water birth. 

Best laid plans.... At one point, I was lying on the floor of the delivery suite that's how much pain I was in. And that blasted gas, heads up - it can make you nauseous. My midwife said she has never seen someone vomit in labour as many times as I did, Roelof says it was like 23 times. The bath... well that lasted all of 5 minutes before I couldn't take it any longer. Then I heard myself say "I want an epidural, make it stop". UNEXPECTED! 

The next few hours were pretty serene. I even watched some Big Bang Theory. 

After an hour and a half of pushing, with my epidural having worn off (dear Lord that hurt) they decided because my little boy was posterior and mother was becoming irate (I am sure I'm under exaggerating, at one point I heard my husband say to the midwife and doctor "you need to do something about this pain or she is going to pass out", probably at the point where I was foolishly trying to get off the bed with the needle next to my spinal column) that I needed intervention. UNEXPECTED!

Theatre + Forceps, who would have thought. At least my anesthetist was nice, talking to me about Paris and joking about whether or not they actually play music in theatre like you see on Grey's or ER. 

After a few pushes came that moment I will never forget for as long as I live, when my baby boy cried for the first time upon entering the world. He cried, then I cried and then my husband cried. I wish I could bottle the feeling that I felt at that moment, it would be priceless and be the perfect potion to make hearts soar. UNEXPECTED! (But GREAT).

Oh and to all those friends I grossed out with tales I heard from the midwife about how they take out your placenta if it doesn't come out by itself. Yes you guessed it! UNEXPECTED!!! (PS if you aren't aware, they do it by hand, as in the doctor uses their hand. Don't worry, I had so much spinal block medication running through my epidural that I couldn't feel jack!).

My gorgeous little premi baby weighing only 2.865kg, let me throw in an UNEXPECTED!!! (As everyone said I would have a big baby who would hardly fit into 0000 clothes. Well you were right, only it was because he was too small, not too big, Daddy rushed out to buy 00000 the next day) had to spend his first night in the nursery. UNEXPECTED!!!! The woman in the room next to me was crying to the midwife "I can't settle her, please take her so I can get some sleep" and I'm listening silently crying thinking "at least your baby is with you". Sad I know.

                                                Our "little" baby in the nursery just hours after birth

Baby having to have photo therapy for Jaundice UNEXPECTED!!! I'd cried a few tears by this time. 

Under the disco lights! That velcro is for my super cool glasses.

I told you those glasses were super cool! So is my baby!! 

People talk about wanting to come out of hospital ASAP, we stayed for 7 days UNEXPECTED! Thank goodness we got moved to a private room, by a christian midwife ;) when we left and I saw my name on the board with the number of days in hospital, I joked to the midwives that I was the winner, clearly only I thought it was funny. 

The day we went home. 

We are home now, and my little boy is 2 weeks and 1 day old today. I can hardly believe it. When I look back at photos from his first days, I can see how much he has changed already. He eats and puts on weigh like a little boss. Life has totally changed, my husband and I have a four word mantra - PRAY, EAT, SLEEP, SURVIVE. I can honestly say I am more in love with my husband since the birth of our son. We share something amazing now, someone who connects us unlike before, and we laugh more, mostly at our son's strange noises, we have nick named him our "little raptor". UNEXPECTED!!!

And then there is my little boy, I remember thinking "What will I do with a boy? I'm a girl... I know nothing about boys, and I have always been better with girls". I look at him now and I couldn't imagine things being any other way. He's perfect, he smells so divine, he has my heart and I would do anything for him. UNEXPECTED!!

So my advice to first time mums.... EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Be prepared for anything and everything and keep an open mind. That way if the unexpected greets you, you will take it in your stride as the best thing that will ever happen to you (your baby) takes place. 

Jax Micah Buitendag, you have my heart, your mother loves you dearly. xxx

My now chubby bubby at 2 weeks and 1 day. 

PS Why Jax? 
Jax is based on John or Jacques which means "God has been gracious; has shown favour" and Micah (his middle name) means "Who is like God?". We wanted names that would declare truth, and our little boy is proof that God is so gracious and there is none like Him!


Anna said...

Oh I love Baby J's journey into the world, or any baby's journey really...it is so special and memorable. And as you say...no natural birth experience can be "planned" can it...they have the nature to do things on their own...which is kinda special on lots of levels.
Love your organisation too. So cool!

I love how you wrote your blog too...I had a laugh :) get uncle floff to do a daddy blog one day :)

Love you guys so much...XOXO

Caitlin Maree said...

I love this post Becky! U have such a beautiful way of writing. I'm so happy for you guys!! xx

Lauren said...

:) perhaps it tells of things to come he will always surprise you and hopefully it will be good surprises! :)

Rachel Esther said...

Fantastic Bec! Thanks so much for sharing your journey into motherhood. I've been thinking of writing my story out and now you've beat me to it I'll have to jump on my horse and hurry up!

So thrilled for you to be enjoying this wonderful time. I often think of you when I'm up in the night with our own little miracle.

P.S. He's super cute!

Anna said...

Write one rach :) I wish I did but at least I wrote it down for my girls to read one day :)

A Mums Ministry said...

Oh wow Bec, love this post! Hope you don't mind but I laughed all the way through it remembering what it was like the day we welcomed Miss Mia, meanwhile thinking 'seriously I'm going to do this again??' ARGH!
But what joy it is to be a mum! xox