Monday, May 21, 2012

They (whoever they are) say that the three most stressful things you can experience in your lifetime are a) Divorce b) Moving House and C) Having a baby. So do I get a prize for tackling 2 of those at once and not going totally bonkers? The above explains my total lack of blog commitment. 

Friends have been asking for house piccies, belly piccies and blog updates for the last 4 months, and well you know that saying "It's like trying to get blood out of a stone", that applies here. My house still looks like a bomb has hit it, which if you know me means, I can't show you any photos because it's not absolutely perfect. Most days I am asleep on the couch and forget to take a belly picture - come on, I can't even remember how old I am these days. And blogging, well that requires some amount of brain power, and I'm pretty sure someone stole my brain and replaced it with Jelly and other soft, useless substances. 

So taking baby steps, here is a small post about some of our latest happenings. Enjoy xx

Almost a mummy, with only 6 weeks to go, my husband spoilt me this Mother's Day past because he's so amazing! French Toast in bed (which is currently the couch as nothing is comfortable anymore). A gorgeous little homemade card from my son, even though still in the womb - talented kid! And a day at home busting our brains over our new puzzle (that sounds nerdy) with a much needed coffee and some divine macaroons. Love that man, he's a good egg!


Caitlin Maree said...

Yay for your return to blogging! Looking forward to elusive house and belly photos to come!! xx

Anna said...

Have you used your endota voucher yet? You should get cracking on that before baby arrives! lol!!!