I'm an addict!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

So I've been inspired by the lovely Kymmie . She recently blogged about a book, "The Sweet Poison Quit Plan" and as I finished her post all I could think was "I NEED THIS BOOK". 

Honestly I was like a horse chafing at the bit trying to get to Big W to buy the thing. Which I might add is a revolution in itself, because I LOVE SUGAR. I could hoover a packet of Allen's Freckles - like the WHOLE packet. 

This wonderful angel, in book form couldn't have come at a better moment. Six weeks ago I started my fabulous Weight Watchers online journey.... LOVE IT, however the last two weeks have been a MAMMOTH sabotage, I fell off the wagon and then the bloody thing rolled on me. Family Holiday - enough said!

So I've got the book, half way through and I am hooked, honest to god. Who would have through that 'Sweet Ol Sugga' could be so flippin evil ?!?!?! Like I knew it was bad, I didn't realise it was the DEVIL!

Day 1 down and I was super, super hungry. No surprise there seeing as the day prior our house had been a bounty of holiday sugary treats. Skeptical, I'll post a photo I took of our kitchen bench. 

Yes SHAME. Never fear though, that mother load along with half the pantry went into the black hole (never to return) that is our bin. 

Wish me luck fellow bloggers, because the idea of never eating cheesecake again is somewhat daunting. Must remember... sugar is like the poor mans crack!


Rachel Esther said...

Woo!! Power to you Bec. Refined sugar really is the devil. We always knew he was sneaky. After we get back from holidays I'm going to post some healthy sweet treats on my blog for you. In the meantime I'm sending one straight to your Facebook inbox to tide you over. It's divine, delicious and sugar free.

Now get up and burn the wagon! So proud of you. x

Caitlin Maree said...

Go Becks! I must borrow this book! x

Becks said...

Rach, thank you for your encouragement. And I totally look forward to those yum recipes.

Hope you and Joel are doing well and LOVED NZ!