OMG Holy Struggle Street!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the end of this post I'm going to give out an award! A Silver Star, awarded for "Gallantry in action" or maybe more aptly a Medal of Honor for courage under fire!!!

Not for myself though, I'm feeling like my due reward would be a participation certificate. The ones that subtly say "thanks for coming out, and with your effort.... making our winner look so incredibly much better"!

Okay enough drama, on with the post.

I'm in Sydney, in a house of 5 girls! My brother Luke, has gone on a week long conference, and I'm giving my SIL Anna a hand (not sure how much help I am) with the girls, Isabelle 2yrs and 7mth old twins, Ava and Sophie. I love my girls, being an Aunty is one of the most amazing gifts.

Ava Joy..... The sweet silent type.
Sophie Christina.... yes I am almost crawling. Watch me shimmy my way to the kitchen.
Isabelle Grace... My boo boos, first born cheeky chops!

I'm writing this post real time, while I have a free 2 minutes. Anna has gone to some appointments and I'm on "soul carer" duty. She's written the routine on the fridge for me (literally) and I am pretty confident that I can do this... 15 years working in childcare - or at least I was confident until like 10 minutes ago.

My oldest niece who has an adverse reaction to "mess" had a little accident that dampened her entire outfit = tears. Clever "Un-tee Bic" suggests a bath. WRONG! You know how much effort it is to get a 2 year old and twins into the bathroom (I made like 5 trips and had to strategically work out who to take first, like triage) keep everyone occupied with bubbles, ducks and then get everyone out again?! LOTS!

Twinner bed time. Change baby 1, watch baby 2 doesn't fall off bed, "no big sister don't force your dummy into her mouth", swaddle baby 1.... SWADDLE???? WHAT??? First effort – terrible! Second even worse. Everyone out to the lounge, Un - tee Bic needs to google you tube... please have swaddle videos.

Okay. Swaddle baby 1, watch baby 2, put baby 1 in bed... "No no no don't cry, okay fine cry". Swaddle baby 2, tip toe out of room. Turn baby monitor on as loud as possible, freaking out slightly, saying a few prayers......

Make oldest niece breakfast, twins crying, message Mum... "What do I do if babies crying". Babies stop.... quiet. Thinking "are they still alive"? Also thinking “is there alcohol in this house”?

I have so much respect for my 25 year old sister in law Anna, to do this day in and out requires strength, patience, wisdom and I would imagine the ability to forgive yourself when you don’t get things absolutely perfect. My hat is off to you Anna, my nieces are happy and content little ladies which means you are doing a GREAT JOB!

I coped, just, and in the end everyone was happy by the time Mummy came home! Now where's the scotch, "Un-tee Bic" needs a drink! xx


Anna said...

Bec...I wouldn't entrust my precious treasures to anyone but people I know who could handle it and love my babies like their did an amazing job, and they were all happy :) and you have been such a blessing this week to me. As for the medal, as I have never received a medal or trophy, I'm super excited about my award :) I'm glad you can tell I put my heart & life out for my babies. As for the you know why I am addicted to chocolate at about 5 pm everyday...but we've been helping each other with that too :) thanks for this week. I hope I can help you one day as much as you have helped me. XOXO

Caitlin Maree said...

Hats off to you both! xx

Rachel Esther said...

Anna already knows I think she might actually be superwoman. But Bec - i'm so proud of you! Well done for stepping into such big (figuratively!) shoes. It is a blessing that you give your time and yourself to be such a great help and support when and where it is needed.

Go you super mum in the making! xx