My Tuesday

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tomorrow Mr B flies to Adelaide for four days for his interview at the ALC. Big Step.

Though we both agree that a little time apart every now and then is good for a couple, we ALWAYS miss each other tremendously. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

While I was at work, raising other people's children, Mr B was at home slaving over the stove to prepare us a gorgeous 'going away' dinner. He effortlessly managed beautiful lamb shanks with mash and grilled veggies, must have been the bottle of wine that gave him his super hu - MAN kitchen powers. Levi looks positively depressed over the fact that he wasn't allowed to help (read lick, jump up, sniff) with the cooking.

We enjoyed our meal by the warmth of the crackling fire place, it was such a treat. Remind me to go buy that bag of roasting marshmallows I saw at Target the other day, will you?! Levi managed to score some lamb and was extremely grateful.

Mr B rushed to wash, dry and pack clothes at the last minute (hazards of having boy room mates) while I nestled into bed with a full tummy. Most people say they can't sleep on a full stomach, me however, I sleep like a hibernating bear after a good meal.


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