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Monday, August 1, 2011

Having one of your besties come over in the morning is always a GREAT beginning to the week. Naomi and I took the dogs for a walk, or rather Nomes carried Mintie! Precious Mint Mint refuses to walk on grass. She pulls this comical stunt where she collapses her front legs and bears down into the ground as if to say.... "you're going to have to drag me across this dastardly grass".

Mr B and I went for a drive into Rosalie to try out the 'Burrito Bar' we've been eyeing off. Some good grub, except for the so called "Mexican Fries", the menu says 'Not french fries, they're Mexican, even better'. I say cheap McCain's crinkle cut chips with some Mexican seasoning is CHEATING.

Monday night we shared a fantastic evening with some of our most treasured friends over dinner. When you find friends who you can be your true self with and bare your soul to, knowing you've got their support - keep them! Unfortunately I don't have any photos because I was in and out of the kitchen. You can see Roxy and Caitlin's gorgeous faces below in a photo taken at Roxy's daughter, Jacinta's wedding. YES she does have a daughter old enough to be married... blows my mind too.

Happy first of August! Hope your Monday was spectacular xx

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Caitlin said...

Oh Mintie...she is a precious petal. : ) xxx