Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over dinner my brother and SIL deleted their facebook accounts! I admire their strength. I however sat quietly on the couch hoping they wouldn't notice me so that I wouldn't have to give some feeble excuse as to why I didn't want to delete mine....I don't consider "I don't know?" a good enough answer.

After they had gone to bed and I sat alone with my computer, I realised it was time to be brave. I never see 3/4 of these people. I would avoid a number of them if I saw them in the street. Some faces have me stumped as I see their profile and think 'who the hell is that person'. There are people who I have friended not because we are friendly but I like to check up on them and their life, playing the comparison game. Then there are the 1/4 of the people I don't even like!!

Honestly I felt liberated saying goodbye to 437 people as I clicked 'confirm delete'. It's kind of like cleaning out your wardrobe... Some pieces are plain ugly and you can toss without a thought, then there are those you hesitate over. However once its done you marvel at all through space you have and how accomplished you feel!

Social Media.. I love you, but I want my life back!!!


Melissa @ Precious Little Poppets said...

I've been thinking seriously of doing the same thing Bec. Facebook has caused problems and I think it is just a place for people to be nasty, without having to say it in person.

However, my business page is linked to my personal profile, and there is no way to have one without the other.

I suppose I could just delete all my friends and not use my personal page.

Food for thought! Thanks.

Becks said...

I know what you mean Mel. I got sick of getting angry over things that were being said by people I don't even like! What a waste of my time and energy. DELETE.

Be Brave. I will have to check out your personal page. Hope all your smalls are well. xxx

AmyJ said...

Seriously admiring your ability to do that Becks!
Facebook has an uncanny ability to control one's life.
Nice work!! x

amumsministry said...

OH I LOVE this!! I made a plan last night, and the fact I'm sharing it means I have to go through with it, after this weekend I am taking an undisclosed time-off from Facebook.

Like-wise I have a business page attached to my personal page, however we don't have anything big happening business wise till October so that gives me plenty of time to SIGN OFF!!