I'm grateful for.......

Saturday, August 6, 2011



Mr B has been away from home for the last few days, doing his thing (drinking wine with my little brother). So it's just been me and Levi (dog) holding down the fort here.

I'm grateful to have 2 super amazing friends keep me company while the 'Man of the House' was gone. Dinner, drinks and free food! Hysterics whilst making "action plans" in case we were mugged whilst needing sat nav to find our car. Assailants in West End last night would have come to a nasty demise had they threatened us.

Waking up far too early to head to the markets. Coffee, breakfast and charming discussions about methods for resisting cellulite inducing food. Hunting for bargains and the most beautiful bunch of flowers. And just plain enjoying each others company.

Head over to Maxabella and see more grateful people. It will make your day!! And make sure you tell your friends you love them..... Caity & Nomes - I LOVE YOU! xx


NaomiC said...

Bec, WE LOVE YOU!! and was heaps fun! we should do it all the time :)

supermac said...

You and your friends sound like a happy bunch. Friendships are truly one thing we should be grateful for. This post inspired me to write something about my besties. Maybe in the next Grateful linky. Thanks for this ;-)

jody said...

besties are the best!
poping over via maxabella :)

Caitlin said...

Love YOU Becks!! xx