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Sunday, July 31, 2011

There is no hour too ungodly for me to wake on a Saturday where we've planned a trip to the markets! The excitement I feel, closely resembles that of Christmas morning, honest. I'm that kind of weird.

Waking up at the crack of dawn, putting on my "market wear" (read track pants), pulling out my 'grandma' wheeled shopping trolley (which is only acceptable for anyone under 65 if you're heading towards a market), navigating the packed market aisles that closely rival the streets of any Asian country, and the tag team effort it requires to scout, acquire and keep a table whilst purchasing breakfast, all give me that "feel good" experience.

Or if I was to be totally transparent :) it's more likely the holy, righteous, garden of Eden feeling I get. Like I'm making some great contribution to the longevity of our planet, the health of my body and the pockets of our farmers. Someone hand me a Captain Planet and the Planeteers badge, and because I'm such a hero, maybe I can have one of each of the earth, wind, fire, water and heart ring?!

No honestly, I do get that warm fuzzy feeling when Mr B and I spend our morning at the markets. Our local "market" haunt is Rocklea, and we have a strategic plan of attack every time we go.

1. Only take a certain amount of cash with us, then $20 extra "emergency" cash, just in case (which always gets spent).
2. Peruse each stall before buying to work out who has the best bargains on what, which never works because we become so totally confused, "was it this stall or that stall?".
3. Lastly decided that we really only want to shop at this one stall (same each week) because, well I'm not really sure why!

I took some photos, as I always do, to share the journey with you. They lady whose arm is in the cherry shot actually had to retract her arm from her cherry picking and wait for me and Mr B to take our photos ha ha. Enjoy xx And find a market near you. If you don't love it I'll ....... actually begin to wonder if I am in a class of my own.

Busy breakfast tables. Exhibit A Man signalling his marketing partner, proof of the tag team effort needed.
Freshly squeezed orange juice and breakfast burger, with Haloumi (of course).
Does the word "bountiful" spring to mind?
Mr B loves this store, a lot of organic goodness.
He was also very taken with this "dog treat" stall, which we went back to 3 times.

He made 6 purchases, I'm surprised he didn't bring home a "doggy" bag for himself.
I wasn't left out, he bought me some take home treats.
We weren't the only ones who enjoyed our morning date with the markets.
Levi, enjoyed his market bought Ostrich bone.

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