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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marriage & Our Better Halves!

Today we have the sheer joy of celebrating with a family so dear to our hearts, as their precious only daughter walks down the aisle. To marry the boy she has loved since she was little! What a dream come true.

I'm so grateful for the gift of marriage. I'd dreamt of getting married since I was four years old, I remember being 12 and creating wedding dress designs with my little HB pencil. Many a cute boy came (and went) and I wondered....... "Will I be his Mrs?". Planning my wedding was a labour of LOVE. I hand made cards to ask my special girls to join me on the day as bridesmaids, I made a wedding newsletter with all the hot wedding goss, and by the day I got married I had 87 bridal magazines! I continued buying them for some time after I was married.

I've been married almost four years now, the wedding and glee filled preparations are fond, somewhat fading memories. However I have discovered a treasure that far outweighs the bliss of 'the wedding' - My husband, my better half.

What a blessing it is to be joined to someone in such a close, intimate, forever way! My husband is honestly my best friend, he knows my soul (because I am so vocal in baring it). He knows my thoughts and dreams, he see's my raw emotions, I have no fear of being my true self with him. He is the only person who I have ever felt that I can be exactly 'me' with. Others cause us to temper our opinions, watch our words, sugar coat things, step lightly, but with my man... I am as I am!

I have some beautiful other besties, who I love and adore and whom I can relax and be myself with. However only my husband see's me warts and all!!! I am so undeniably grateful for my better half!

Fill your day with encouragement to be truly grateful by visiting Maxabella xx And I promise to upload some of today's wedding piccies, you're going to want to see these, trust me!


Maxabella said...

Grogeous post, Rebecca. You looked so beautiful on your own wedding day, but your thoughts on marriage and your husband are even more so. x

Jodi @ The Scribble Den said...

What a beautiful post, and a gorgeous photo. x

georgi hampton said...

oh this is so lovely - you are very lucky to be so happy. visiting from maxabella, hope you don't mind a new follower. x

Anna said...

Do you know there is another Mrs B that blogged about Love this week?! How cool is that! Love you Mrs. B and love your writing. You & Mr B are super cute xx