Odd Socks!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's much too early, far too cold, and I can't find my socks!

I know I went to bed with them on, however somewhere in the night they must have escaped from my feet. My husband has just come home from night shift and crawled into bed, I don't have the heart to rummage around under then sheets in pursuit of some stupid socks in case I wake him. I've just discovered I don't have one pair of clean socks in my drawer! All I've managed to find is a single solitary sock (i don't even think it's mine). My new slippers are semi wet from a tussle with the washing machine to rid them of that well worn foot smell (yes I wash very dirty shoes, and sometimes even my havaianas on occasion).

So I've got cold feet.... but a warm heart. A warm heart because I woke up to a dream inspiring message from my SIL, that gave hope little wings and set it to flight! More later...

I haven't had time to put my fingers to work on a blog post for a while. I've been busy dealing with some garbage. Anxiety and a fear that threatens to choke the dear life out of me. There have been nights where I've had family on the phone because I thought I was dying and my poor husband had to rush home from work in the middle of the night, to 'rub my back' and coax me into repeat after him 'it's all okay'. It's been real rough and I'm over it, to the point where I want to take a heavy, spiked club and beat the living snot out of it! Anxiety I mean! However being done with it, fed up with it, is a wonderful turning point.... it means I've developed some fight - cue 'eye of the tiger'. Being diagnosed with anxiety as well as starting a new job and enrolling in study has been one mammoth load to bear.

Back to the warm heart, Annie was so right though, when she sung 'the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!'.... the sun always rises, that's one thing you can count on.

This morning I woke and as I mentioned I had a message from my SIL, I'd like to post it for you:

♥ There's a house with shutters and an old stone wall with dark green vines tracing up the sides. The birds are chirping in the cool autumn air and the crunchy leaves are raining down onto the rectangular gray footpaths. A soft hum of traffic. A house with a blue door...then a yellow door...then a red door... Red geraniums clambering aimlessly out of their pots. Cobble stone back streets. An open air field with a rich man's horse grazing on fresh, lush grass...North Adelaide...my heart belongs to you. ♥ sweet dreams Bec.

She's reminiscing about a place she used to live, a place that is going to become my home next year. I went to sleep dreaming of my new home and all the beautiful decorating I was going to do and woke up to the beautiful picture above and felt like someone was whispering to me a promise, that the sun is coming... I'm excited and filled with anticipation because today my husband makes the phone call to set the date for his final interview for ALC. We will fly to Adelaide, see my beautiful SIL and little brother, get excited about the prospect of the future, eat a honey log or two and Mr B will talk to the important people about his future.

214 days until we move! And it's in moments like this, that make me remember that, no matter how odd my socks..... the sun WILL come out! xx

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