What the Heel?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My sister in law Carina is getting married!

After the proposal in Hawaii (exciting) she now ventures into what was without a doubt my favourite part of my wedding, the planning. I could plan weddings for a living, if...... people wanted their special day my way.

Yesterday on her day off we delved into some brainstorming and planning. One of those categories were 'The Shoes'. On our hunt for the perfect wedding heel we were both utterly shocked and in hysterics.

Here's why....... Fashion gone mad, enjoy xo

The hoof heel was deemed the most laughable

Elephant Dung!


Rachel Esther said...

bahahhaa!! They are hilarious!! Hideous and totally cringe worthy but hilarious none the less!! Have fun helping plan your sister in law's wedding - we can swap notes!

Lauren said...

holey moley! they are nuts !