Today I.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

  • Dragged myself out of bed after 9am - Paying for that tonight...
  • Visited a dear friend and marveled at how extreme a houseful of boys can be - Tornado
  • Heard news about a spiritual leader that broke my heart - life is so tough.
  • Prayed for said leader - Jesus binds up the broken hearted.
  • Sat out in the midday sun with my journal - Small mercies!
  • Pondered exactly how one forgives oneself? - difficult 'simple truths'
  • Tried my first meal of Organic Pasta - Goats Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes.
  • Discovered Coconut Milk Peppermint Ice cream - Jury still out.
  • Watched Disney Movie with my husband - feel good!
  • Walked as the sun set - the more I exercise the more I notice the 'bounce' in my step
  • Argued with my sissy (when I refused to what Australia's Got Talent with her) about who became a star first, Kylie Minogue or Dani Minogue? - I vote Kylie
  • Giggled as I watch Masterchef and read the hilarious related tweets - so childish
  • Made myself my nightly before bed 'warm milk with cinnamon and honey' - sleepy
  • Thought, 'I really ought to blog'....................

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