Thank Goodness for Google!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

When it comes to music, I'm not really one for lyrics, I'd embarrass myself in a 'sing a long'. I'm a beat and tunes gal. I don't care how ridiculous the lyrics are, if the music moves me, I'm into it. I honestly think Shazam is one of the most amazing iphone aps every created. Frequently I find myself hunched over in the car with my phone pressed up against the speaker Shazam-ing my way to a new favourite song. Not while I'm driving of course (well maybe once or twice).

However where to turn when you don't have Shazam handy? The other day I was in Napoleon buying some makeup and they were playing this song. It was the kind of tune where I had to restrain myself from moving with the music and looking like a right fool in the middle of the store, (that sort of tom foolery is reserved for the car). I made a mental note of some of the lyrics and vowed to hunt down my 'new favourite song' when I got home.

Two days later I had forgotten all about the catchy tune and could only remember 1 word from the lyrics, "fly"...... You know how many songs have the word fly in them?! A lot. I've been humming what I could remember all day in hopes of jogging my memory.

It worked, I remembered 3 more lyrics, 'Take my hand'... And thanks to google, I'm able to do a little 'chair dancing' (for real) as I type this post because I have a brand new song on my ipod! Thanks Far East Movment, 'Rocketeer' is good enough that even with the flu I could be 'moved' to get up to some dancing in front of the mirror tonight. "Come on, don't judge, it's not like you've never done that", and if not..... live a little!

(Yes I am now aware that this song was released last year...better late than never right!) xo

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