Love Thy Mother

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Please forgive my belated Mother's Day post.... I've been tragically slack getting back onto the blog band wagon. And I know that some of you were getting sick of popping over to visit and being greeted by that gorgeous organic chicken, who just seemed to hang around at the top of the post list for what seemed like forever - she who shall remain unnamed ;).

This Mother's Day I was the sole player for the Spilsbury Team as my two little brothers live interstate. However I don't doubt that Team B did Mumma Spilsbury proud this year. My Mum has a long standing tradition (which has apparently now emanated down the ranks) that every Mother's Day feast must include KFC...

I know gross right! However not one to deny the one we celebrate her simple pleasures, Mr B and I gave my Mum her KFC with a delicious twist. My husband was simply impressive in the kitchen, without one sckerek of help. However the flat leaf parsley was a little questionable.... is it wisdom to let a man loose in a herb garden? Jury still out!

Mr B owns two cookbooks, both BBQ related. The one he used this Mother's Day I simply covert (and secretly wish the purchase had have been my good idea).

He whipped up some Corn on the Cob with Herb Butter, Rum & Maple Mashed Sweet Potato and Warm Spinach & Bacon Salad. Yum

My job was dessert. Mum's request: something caramel, date, butterscotch...The Masterchef website (one of my many loves) has the best ever recipe for Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce & Almond Praline. We made a deconstructed version with some home made Vanilla Bean Ice cream. I did GOOD, if I don't say so myself.

Any opportunity to spoil our Mum's is an opportunity well worth making the very most of. I love my mum, she is so good to me. Loving me every step of my journey despite all my failings. Always always giving of herself for others. Love you Mumma xo

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Anna said...

I think whenever a child calls her mum mama...she is reminding her mum of the first name that she ever called her...and it is so sweet. I love being called mama...but it has already been changed to Mummy. Its such a term of endearment. :) PS hope you and roelof can replicate that meal for us next Christmas xx