Hello my old friend.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Life has been up, down, around and occasionally sideways of late for Mr B and I - hence my absence from the world of blog. 

Our pursuit of organic goodness is going well. We have visited most of the organic stores in Brisbane, found a few restaurants and cafes - BONUS. Mr B and I are like kids in a candy stores (if I can use that expression when talking about wholesome food) as we 'ooohh' and 'ahhh' over organic grapes, shampoo even chocolate. The chocolate tastes amazing I might add. My most celebrated find by far would have to be the milk - so creamy, which suits me to a "T" as I grew up drinking plain milk by the gallon. 

We are still waiting on God's perfect timing for the addition of "little B's". This season in my journey has been the hardest I've ever weathered. Watching others fall pregnant, & give birth stirs the wound in my heart. As does receiving that email every Thursday telling me of my babies weekly progress, 32 weeks today. Despite the way I feel I'm choosing to believe that the stirring of that wound is bringing healing and wholeness to my relationship with my Heavenly Father and the lies the devil has whispered. I know that God can heal the bitter places in our lives that we might experience sweetness from His hand. 

Mr B received an email yesterday with the final enrollment form for his study at ALC attached (the process is a little more in depth than your average tertiary institution). The closing words 'return as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements for the admissions interview' evoked a happy dance. It's bliss when another piece of the puzzle falls into place and that yellow brick road becomes a little clearer. Just aside, I found out on the weekend that Adelaide have a pretzel cafe.... thank you Jesus for giving us another thing to look forward too. 

Spent last weekend with a lovely large chunk of my extended family in Sydney for the baptism of my twin nieces. This will require a post of it's very own, including lots of beautiful piccies. Loved Loved Loved every minute of the weekend, especially seeing my "Boo Boos". Mr B and I did require a detox upon our return home though, I am sure that all the fast, take away food turned me into part woman, part sluggish blob. 

It is good to be back xoxo


Lauren said...

Lovely catch up on what's been going on...I think you should try and un sign from that email...it's not helpful. Love you lots lady xx

Becks said...

Hello lovely sister,
Have tried to unsubscribe however can't work out how to do it!

Anna said...

Thats ok...it may be nice to remember your little baby even though it was so small...it was still yours...but not the most welcome reminder each week, like lauren said...I hope there is a "happy dance" in there for another baby in progress soon, always praying for you. xx Glad you are back on the organic band wagon...it sounds delish.