Where in the world?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life has been crazy busy the last two weeks. We've been hopping from one fun function, to the next. But honestly..... hate it when it gets like that! I always end up feeling so out of control. Does anyone else think, 'where did the last two weeks go?' or am I alone in that? I secretly (not any more) love having only a small handful of commitments, it keeps me feeling grounded. Keeps me feeling like I am in control.

 Someone wise and educated once said (I think it was Dr James Dobson - huge fan), that each individual has a "plate", upon which all our commitments, activities, comings and goings are piled upon. All our plates are different sizes. Some have dinner plates, some small entrĂ©e plates, and I've known people who I am sure live lives served on humongous platters. It's valuable to work out the size of your plate, and keep what you're dishing up in check. 

My world turns much better when I remember my "plate" is a tiny saucer. So as of today I'm putting myself on a "restricted eating plan"!

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