There's Something in the Water!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today Mr B and I were VERY VERY brave and did something we have never done before.
We went on a hunt... for ORGANIC foods - totally uncharted waters for team B. 

It's part of a decision to do better by ourselves and our physical health. Up till now, we've been pretty shocking, especially considering my husband more qualified than your average personal trainer when it comes to exercise and fitness, that treasure trove of knowledge has been accumulating a ton of dust (and fat). 

We have started small, small changes are the best, right?! Milk made by happy cows who roam free in spacious pastures where the grass glistens green as the sun shines upon the dew drops that litter the field. Eggs laid by chickens who have fluffy nests of hay to rest their feathered rumps upon, where I'm sure the eggs are coaxed out of them with soothing music. Bread milled from grains who live in harmony with the bugs of the field.

I'm super excited about tomorrow as we've decided to take a field trip to explore some of the organic grocers in our area. Who knows what's next? Tie dye and smoking weed... joke. Maybe one day they will get one of these in Australia.

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