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Thursday, March 17, 2011

For those who were interested here are the links to the recipes for the 3 pides I made

You will notice that this recipe states that it's untested. I made a few adjustments to mine, they work for me. 

  1. I dissolve the yeast in the 1/4 cup of water and allow it to sit for ten minutes, then add remaining water, sugar and salt. 
  2. I add this to only 4 cups of flour (not the recommended 6, I found it too dry and 4 still makes a huge amount). 
  3. I do this in a metal mixing bowl, cover with glad wrap and add it to my oven which I warmed. I do this because the first time I tried this recipe it was a cold day, and now I continue to do it this way because it's faster and I'm too lazy to wait.  
  4. Continue to follow as per recipe. 

  1. I made the same dough as in recipe 1 (because it works for me and I don't like to deviate) and added the spices that this recipe recommends. 
  2. I didn't make the base sauce. (Couldn't be bothered, if you do and it's gorgeous pls tell me)
  3. I use marinated artichokes from a jar, instead of the boiling with lemon juice.

Lamb, Pumpkin and Feta Pide
(I wanted more than 2 different pides, so I made this one up at the last minute. Strangely enough everyone commented that it was the nicest.)
  1. I used the same spiced pide dough as I had for the chicken pide
  2. Coated cubes of pumpkin in some oil, cinnamon & nutmeg and then roasted till soft
  3. Brown some slices of lamb in a pan
  4. Thinly slice some Spanish onion
  5. Crumble some feta
  6. Pop it all on top of the prepared dough and bake

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weissbunt said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes and for stopping by the other day :-). The pides are definitely on my "must try list" and I promise I'll let you know how they turned out. Will remember your changes, too. Take care - maks :-).