Point & Shoot - Family Love

Monday, March 14, 2011

I love Sunday afternoons. They consist of warm hearty hugs, lots of belly laughs, war stories from the week past and tales of joy as we recount the moments that made us smile. Your tummy growls in anticipation as you smell the sweet aroma of the lunch time meal cooking, drinks flow in abundance, eating way too much of a good thing, or a few good things. Ladies chatting over the dishes, while the men take a short nap, sprawled out on the carpet or cool tiles. "Family Dinner" takes precedent in our house on a Sunday afternoon.  

Yesterday we went Turkish!

I enjoyed my first ever 'point and shoot', have a little look - see at the treasured weekend memories of other bloggers here! Enjoy xo


LionessLady said...

Oh my gosh that food looks sooooo delicious! Can I come next time you do Turkish???!!!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Amazing! It looks sooooo delicious. Thanks for sharing! x

weissbunt said...

Mmh, this looks delicious, would you post the recipes, too ;-) (just "hopping by) - maks :-)

Becks said...

Totally happy to share recipes.