Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm sitting at home all alone. Only the night time sounds to keep me company, crickets & creaking, that and my pumpkin and chickpea soup (first time I've ever eaten chickpeas). Mr B has gone to work, he watches people sleep for a living, something that needs to be done when people generally sleep - at night. I miss him so much right now. 

Granted I spent the whole day with him, it's only been 2 hours that we've been apart, however I still miss him so dearly. I love being around my husband. I would rather spend time with him than anyone else. I could happily do every day side by side, working and playing. We see ourselves as a team, bringing out the best in each other, as cliche as it sounds, two halves of a whole. It's true, the areas that I fall down in are my husbands greatest strengths. 

I probably miss him more than usual because today I yelled at him. Like total banshee, crazed wife yelling. Guilt. 

Today I saw a friend criticize her husband with her facebook status. She was clearly frustrated at him over some unpaid bills and 'laziness' as she put it. Reading her verbal assault, I felt so embarrassed for him. I was so shocked and disappointed that she was using the power she has as a spouse to tear down her husband publicly. Love is supposed to cover a multitude of sins, not expose them for the world to see. Wives play such a huge role in the man their husband is (or isn't), by using tools like respect, letting him know he is needed, and fulfillment. 

So baby I got a lil perspective and to say I am sorry for yelling today, I want to publicly build you up!

Thank You for being more than I could ever dream of. For making me feel like I'm the most beautiful and incredible woman in the world. For never raising your voice at me, for always extending far more grace than I deserve. For seeing me through some of the hardest moments of my life and encouraging me to grow and keep growing. For always, every time, putting me before yourself. For working so hard, and allowing me to 'sort myself out', and never once making me feel guilty about that. I love you because you have a genuine heart, you're wise and are serious about life, our family and our marriage. I am grateful because I believe I married the very best man on the face of the planet, more so because you chose me. Forever.

{Our very first date}


+roelof said... is easy to love someone as amazing as you my sweetest. Thank you for the undeserving kind words, love you and miss you lots!

Your hubby for life

Anna said...

I love your beautifully written. And he is a hell of a guy :) a great brother in law thats for sure. PS your blog is looking superb!

Anna said...
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Lauren said...

:) that's lovely Bec. God is good for blessing you with each other! xx you are both swell!