Pancake Sunday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whilst Mr B and I were taking our Sunday morning stroll, I freaked! I had totally forgotten about Pancake Sunday. Major disaster for my autistic, excessive compulsive tendency towards not breaking this routine. So we improvised and gosh darn it. Sometimes the spur of the moment decisions are the very best ones! We whipped up some potato pancakes, for which I have no recipe as we just threw together ingredients. Added a side of baked tomato, mushrooms and some chorizo sausages (can we say coronary bypass). 


Plain Flour
Grated Potato
Grated Sweet Potato
Caramelized Spanish Onion
Salt & Pepper


I have no idea what quantities we used, as we just mixed until the batter seemed like the right consistency. Sorry!

I am super organised and all set for this coming Sunday. We're going to dine on Blinis.

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