Goodbye Summer

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

 Autumn, you bring with you so many lovely pleasures.....

Crunchy leaves in warm autumn colours underfoot
2 Gallon's of homemade velvety pumpkin soup with a sprinkle of pepper and a dash of cream
3 Climbing into flannelet Sheets and all the cosy comfort they afford
4 Boots, Jeans and knits, Jeans, knits and Boots = No tan needed! Boot-iful
5 Books, Blankets and Hot Chocolate
6 Long afternoon walks through cool breezes
7 The return of football season, a reason to get loud!
8 Exploring a whole new section of my Donna Hay 'Season's' cookbook
9 Smoothering my boo boos (niece) and twinners (littlest nieces) in kisses & having my whole family together!!
10 Snuggling into my (always warm) husband

So long summer!


Anna said...

Sounds delightful! X I love Autumn too.

Becks said...

Like how I said I get to kiss your babies. I love em so much, they are so yummy! Miss You