Fabulous Find!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yesterday whilst in our old neighborhood, I convinced Mr B that it would be such a brilliant idea to stop off at our favourite little fruit market. AND WHAT A SPLENDID IDEA IT WAS!!! There in the far corner of the store sat a lone fridge (which I am sure had a halo like growl encompassing it). And in this treasure chest like ice box, little pots of heaven. Ben & Jerry's homemade ice cream. 
I convinced Mr B with his big basket of fruit and vegetables (goodie two shoes), that this was a find worthy of our attention. He reluctantly allowed me to cradle my new love, like a precious baby (or rather like some ravenous wolf threatening to bite his hand if he dared renege) to the counter. This little pot didn't even make it home, it was devoured in the car. 

To my dear sister in law who is keeping me accountable for all things I put in my mouth and do to my body, you will be pleased to know (I hope) that we shared this little tub. Mr reluctant changed his tune and was happy to help 'down' the scrummy product.

Next visit I am going to enjoy a tub of their 'chunky monkey' flavour. Banana ice cream with walnuts and fudge pieces. mmmmmm xoxo

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