The Simple Life

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm not typically grand. Though I have always dreamed of being so. Lusting for a life consisting of the 3 B's -  big, better, best! High flown style and excessive ornamentation. I have friends whose lives, are this very kind of sparkly. I have always been terrible at mathematics, but this equation is simple. (very sparkly) + (not so typically grand) =  Challenging. 

In a moment of staggering revelation, I comprehended that an impressive 30 'something' years had lapsed. Me, day dreaming away my todays, in hope of a bigger tomorrow. Actually it was more like a dreary, gradual process of discontentment, waiting for that elusive day to come, you know the one, 'someday'.

Not long ago I had a beautiful 'light bulb' moment, where 'head' things finally became 'heart' things (it makes me giddy with excitement when that happens). I saw with clarity the answer that had eluded me, Carpe diem, 'seize the day'. Robin Williams, I would have been one of your slower students.

Are you thinking, "why gosh Rebecca, that's meat and potatoes stuff"? Personally, I have always been a dessert lover.

Two things are now blissful imperatives on my journey, 'being present', and 'celebration'. After seeing it so fruitfully displayed across the pages of her own life, this lovely lady inspired me to unashamedly embrace the C word, 'celebration'. She isn't even aware of it. I am however so grateful. These days, I am in pursuit of a different kind of grand, the delight that the simple life bestows. For as Robert Brault said,
 Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
So today, I see you for what you are - overflowing with moments, each one full of possibility for a life well lived. Here's to me, trading in my wasting, and making the most of the 'little things'. Dear Tomorrow, I know you will take care of yourself.

This, is that journey as it unfolds.

Today's Little Thing = Taking great pleasure in devouring a bowl of my Mumma's homemade strawberry icecream. Told you I'm a dessert girl!

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